Friday, November 26, 2010

Jessica is back!

How's everyone doing? ;)

Okay so this week my cousin Jessica came to visit our family! Jessica is probably my favorite cousin. lol! She is so much fun to be around, so naturally everyone was ecstatic. :) She lives in the San Fransisco area with her husband. She wanted to see us and also check out downtown L.A. She arrived early Friday morning. We went to many places and brought her to church on Sunday Morning as well. This was really special because shes been to our church before and I've seen God really touch her. She heard the preaching and came to the altar and prayed. She didn't receive the Holy Ghost but I know God blessed her for the faith it takes just for her to go to the altar. Keep her in your prayers everyone! :)
Saturday we took her to the infamous part of L.A. Downtown. Specifically, the Garment district. We had a really good time. All the walking can wear even the most extreme shopper down. lol It was crowded! (no surprise there) with very light drizzle. Every other little shop features a "representative" shouting, "5 Dollars, 5 Dollars, Everything five Dollars!" If you pay them to much attention it might start to annoy you. lol Then we capped thing off with a dinner at a Thai Restaurant(nuff' said) :)

That Sunday, after morning service, we took a trip to visit the Observatory. This brought back many memories of when I was younger because I was raised for most of my childhood in the city of Hollywood, CA. Memories of countless birthday parties, playgrounds, hiking (even though I was always on the hefty side) Would flood my mind. lol In 2004 the Observatory was shut down for remodeling. It didn't reopen till 2008. It didn't look much different then before(from the outside) But they added a bottom floor and really cleaned things up! the place was sparkling! :) It's no wonder that its the most visited Observatory in the world!

Jessica left early Wednesday morning, vowing she would shortly return! :)
I miss her already!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! :) Spent time with your natural family or even your spiritual family. I know most of us have plenty of left overs to feed an army. lol Take Care.
More in a bit....


  1. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Eli!!! :D God bless

  2. haha..
    i know we had enough to feed a village lol