Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Welcome Arabella! :)

Good Morning!!! Great Morning! lol :)

  Yesterday, around 2:30pm, my sister finally had the baby! Congrats to her and her husband. Thank God for a healthy delivery. I drove right after work to pick up my bros (Proud Uncles). We went straight to the hospital from there! In the baby delivery building of the hospital, they had a conveniently placed, baby store! So I made my first purchases for my niece ever! lol She can have whatever she wants! lol! It was so awesome seeing her for the first time! She is so precious. 8 pounds :) She hadn't opened her eyes yet, during my visit yesterday. So hopefully today :) There are many more pics to come, I will post 2 for now. One of them is my first time holding her.

                                                                 Arabella !

Have a good day! :)