Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Resilience Follower of the Month!!!!!!! ***

Good Morning :)))

   I couldn't wait to announce the Follower of the Month, it's been so long! This months follower of the month is so epic because it falls on the 1-Year anniversary of RESILIENCE! =D (Post soon to come). Who, oh who should it be?! Lets find out :)

Question #1) This persons height?

A: 5'3! I don't know why I'm so confident on this one.

Question #2) This person Fav. Sport?

A: I would go with Football...Greatest sport of all time. haha

Question # 3) What is this person probably doing right now?

A: Sitting in a classroom...not really awake. Lol

Question #4) The greatest color in this person opinion...

A: Purple! Royal Purple More specifically...

Question # 5)  Is this person a member of the epic bloggers of America?

A: Yes.

Question #6) What would be the best profession for this person?

A: Teacher! Fourth Grade teacher!

Question #7) The Sesame street character that best fits this person personality..

A: Big bird. haha :)

Question #8) What would this person be pulled over for?

A: Talking and driving. lol!

Question # 9) This persons sworn enemy!


Question #10) What would this person be arrested for?

A: Disturbing the peace!

The Resilience Follower of the month for the Month of October!! issssss......

LEXIE BACERRA!!!!!  And today is also her bday! HAPPY 19TH BDAY! HAHA :)

I made you something.... :)))

haha :) Happy Birthday!

Have a great day, if you know Lexie..Wish her a happy bday! 



  1. aww this was ur best post so far!! thank you so much! can't believe im "19" ;) lol thank you!

  2. haha oh your welcome!! Hope you have the greatest day ever! :)


  3. omg! i was lurking on your page and seen this! MAC N CHEESE (GASP!!) how are ya doing elias?its been a while!!! i would say remember me? but lol how can you foget my loud crazy self :)

  4. haha Yes, Mac and Cheese!! How can I forget!? I'm good btw, and you?