Thursday, October 20, 2011

RE: So you think your a Mexican?

Hi there! :) 

This is a post in direct response to the Wakefield's post, "So you think your a Mexican". Lol 

First off....Thanks for the disclaimer haha That was so epic! Pig eyes 0.o.

Cow tongues are my worst nightmare!!

But I recently read an article online that caught my attention...What I read, helped me connect the dots. If some how I could get this, I would send it to you Bethany!...




Meet Cyclops Shark! haha It was just recently caught of the Gulf of California..It's for REAL. That would make for another EPIC post!. hehe

Have a great day!




  1. Hey! Sorry I've been gone this weekend and just saw this post today!!
    Ok now WHAT is this article that you read? What was it about?? Mexican food? American culture? I'm confused!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And that is one weird looking shark. But his eyeball looks strangely like the one I dug out of that pig head.........EWWWW!!!!!


  2. haha The article was about some fishers finding a one eyed shark..If I could have that shark, I would mail it to you...Make a good soup out of it! haha