Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Resilient Follower of the month!

Hey Hey! :)

   Okay so I decided to start a little tradition...Called the "Resilient Follower of the Month" So basically nobody votes, I decide. How do you like that? Lol I pick the follower of the month. Answer a few questions about that person and offer a cash prize if that individual claims it with in 24 hours of my post. (Via comment)

I will do my best to answer the following questions as accurately as possible. haha

Birthday: Hmmm don't know exactly when but I think It's in May.

Most hated chore: Haha she (hint, hint) probably hates doing dishes.

If they were to be arrested what would it be for? disturbing the peace. lol

Perfect car for this person: Nissan Juke!!

One thing you know this person can beat you at? Ummm nothing. lol I would say checkers.

There middle name: If I guess this right than I demand a cash prize myself. lol jk um Hope?

Fav. Color? Pink

Pepsi or Coke? Pepsi

Dogs or cats? Definitely dogs

Hard candy or soft? Hard candy

M & M or Skittles? Skittles forshure.

Cake or Pie? Pie!

Height: would guess maybe 5'2. and a half. lol

Sandals or Tennis shoes? Sandals.

Instruments? Piano, I presume.

What is this person probably doing right now? Planning to TP my house!

What's cool about this person: Reaching Santa Clarita! :)

Alright so if you haven't already guessed it....The awesome person of the month is none other than *Drum Roll* 

ASH DeAro!

Alright Ash times ticking away only 24 hours to claim your dollar! (haha jk) Cash Prize

Have a good day everyone! :)




  1. Hey Elias! Wow! Thats so cool:) Im yor follower of the month! THANKS!! Ive been wanting to do something like this just never got around to it lol.... You got almost all the questions right! LOL One that was wrong is my middle name!Shere'e** Hahaha! Good guess!
    So now I?? CLAIM my prize! Hhaha:)

  2. Haha! Those were hard questions! No prob, thank you. :) Alright cool, congrats. I will be contacting you later today!