Tuesday, February 22, 2011

One of those moments!

Happy Tuesday to you all :)

   Like most of you I still can't believe the holiday weekend is already over! I've accepted this(without choice) I've moved on. lol So I want to share one of those "No way" moments that I experienced just a couple weeks ago. Everyone goes through them, some more than others. It happened a couple Sundays ago, we had a special speaker for the morning services. Bro. Martin, from NC. A great man of God, not to mention a great sense of humor. I was on the drums that morning(Red flags should already be going up) lol And we were having a great service. Towards the end of the preaching (or at least I thought) Bro. Martin asked everyone to go ahead and just stand and worship God! Sometimes this can mean the preachings almost over. I saw Sis. White go to the organ. This basically confirmed it, a no brainer. So I make my way to the drum cage, along the way I pass Sis. McElhaney (who is on the piano). I sat down and put the head phones on. At that point I looked up. I noticed everyone was sitting down again. Including Sis. White. I was the only one up there! I then realised Bro. Martin must have gave Sis. White the signal that he wanted to continue. I didn't get the memo! So as I was about to quickly exit, Bro Martin turned and said, "Are you okay brother?" lol WHY ME?! haha I laughed and he asked, "Is it hot in there?" I replied, "no" lol. "Okay good, stay in there" haha. He laughed then said,"Your doing good brother, It's my fault" Lol So there I sat for the remainder of the preaching! Until the wonderful words finally came, "Lets all stand". They say life is 10% what happens to you and 90 %  how you react. I think I handled that well. :)

Moral of the story: Never let your guard down ;)

Have a good one! :)




  1. Ahhh! This is so hilarious!! :D
    Sorry, that i'm laughing
    but this totally brightened my day! :D

  2. Hahaha that happened to me when our church choir sang at SCC in Redlands :P We were singing a really good song that is great to shout to and we ended. Well, Sis DeCosta, our choir director, gave us the signal to leave so as we are heading down, almost back to our seats, someone yelled at the altos to get back up there hahaha we were gnna sing the song again by request(like 6 of us didn't hear it) and it was pretty embarassing but :) oh well.

  3. @ Erika, haha well glad I could help :)It's always healthy to have a good laugh!(@ my expense ;D)
    @ Meagan, Don't get me started on choir blunders. haha But yeah I know how you must of felt! lol :)

  4. haha man i heard of this, wish i was there to view it ahaha, God has his Will maybe someone needed to laugh during that service. hahaha true a smile gives you 3min of life a laugh gives you ten lol

  5. @Marvin, yeah man I'll never forget it haha

  6. @ Elias: it is thats why i ♥ jajaja'ing :)
    even at the most unexpected times.... :D

  7. @ Erika, Yes! same here. On three...1..2..3..hahahahahaha! :)

  8. LOL! Don't worry, I have many embarrassing moments that have happend to me during church, but like my pastor's wife always tells me: "It's good for your pride" ;)

  9. @ktmora lol yes it's like something has to happen every time lol that's good advise! :)