Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Verizon Iphone 4 Launch Date Feb 10th 2011

Hey, Hey! :)

Okay so there has been rumors(As you have all probably already heard) Verizon was planning on selling the IPhone 4. We all got tired of hearing the same old "boy cried wolf" ramblings. Well this time its for real. Verizon has set a launch date for Feb 10th. I personally have an IPhone, but would love to see the competition heat up. As you all know, the consumer benefits from competition.(usually) lol. So if Verizon is your carrier and you've been wanting an IPhone. Your time has come. You can finally become cool! lol. I'm teasing, IPhone does have its share of problems(mainly dead zones), on the flip side Verizon has always boasted on having "America's most reliable service" (blah blah) ;). I use to have Verizon and I personally agree. So do your homework, run the numbers, check your options.

Heres the link, verizonwireless.com/b2c/splash/iphone.jsp

Hope you have a great day,




  1. I was gonna say you should get one but I forgot you already have one. I'm hoping an "iPhone 5" will come out this year.

    I see you've been blogging quite a bit lately, that's cool keep it up!

  2. Yeah an Iphone 5 doesn't seem too unlikely! Thanks, I will. :)

  3. John you know better then Dat! Android honeyc omb Launches today Iphonies are so yesterday git with da program gentlemen time to make a change for the best as a matter a fact I rooted my color Nook you gotta check it out fellas, by the way Keep up the postin.February is here time for some Valentine post????? just sayin... LOL

  4. Whats a color nook? lol I like Android phones too but you just wouldn't understand..Unless you had an Iphone. Valentine post? haha Alright..