Thursday, November 9, 2017

Wedding Bells!

Good Morning!

  I woke up wedding day feeling really calm. I was asked plenty of times through out that day if I was nervous. In all honesty I felt completely calm. I spent most of the morning running around and doing little errands to help out. I got up very early and went to downstairs to the hotel breakfast. Sure enough, my father in law was already there. The early bird himself. I nodded at him and sat with him. I will admit I was feeling tired because my guys didn't let me go to sleep. They were up all night! We had multiple rooms but many of them wanted to stay together, so I got no sleep. I understood they were just all excited for me.

  I told my fiance at the time, to embrace it all. You only get this experience once. All our bridal parties excitement for us, it was a long and crazy busy process for us. So as it was coming up on the big day, we really had to step up and allow ourselves to enjoy the last moments building up to it. If that makes sense. lol I wanted us to make sure our bridal party know we were having a good time.

  Back to breakfast, it was almost as a last confirmation from God. It started with me taking my father in law to breakfast and asking for his daughters hand in marriage and now here we were on the big day, having breakfast.

  So I'll fast forward to moments before the wedding. I actually spent over an hour stuck in a room. You would have to understand the the layout of the beautiful church we had the wedding at. Well I couldn't really go out because there were many guests that I wanted to wait till the reception to really talk to them so that we could really have a conversation. My coworkers came early and they brought them to the back where I was able to get a picture with them. They had been along for the ride since the moment I started planning the proposal!

  Photographers came and they are seriously great guys. Very professional and skilled. What I enjoyed was their ability to calm the nerves and make everyone feel comfortable. I would gladly forward you their information so just say the word!

   It was all over so fast and we moved on to the next phase, photos! Then back to the reception. I was living up the last moments with our bridal party and then I couldn't wait to get back to all the friends and family. I didn't know who all was there. I am not really going to talk about the actual wedding ceremony,  itself because I really can not put it into words. I am blessed.

  After the reception we drove off, till we couldn't see them in the rear view mirror. It was a blast. We stopped and changed into comfortable clothes. If you wish to run around in a suit and wedding dress all evening, more power to you! lol We then hit the road and the rest was history.

   Be faithful to God, that's what I will end this post with. You won't be perfect but God makes up the difference. He honors them that honor him.

   Okay here are some pics!

To God be all the glory, have a good day!



  1. The wedding turned out beautifully! Love and miss y'all!

  2. Thank you for all your hard work!! Go Texas! lol

  3. Sooooooooooo before I finish looking at all the pics I just to let you know that I THINK you made a grammatical mistake in this post...You said, "It started with me taking my brother in law to breakfast and asking for his daughters hand in marriage and now here we were on the big day, having breakfast."

    I"m ASSUMINg you meant to say you asked your FATHER-in-law for his daughter's hand in marriage, NOT that you asked your Brother-in-law for his daughter's hand in marriage??? Or maybe I read it WRONG Idk buuuuut I reread it like 5 times and felt confused every time!!! BAHAHAHA!!! Ok now I'll go back and finish looking at the pics!!! LOL

  4. I LOVE the pic of you guys holding hands around the corner...I'm assuming that was BEFORE the wedding ceromoney and that you guys hadn't seen each other before the wedding!!! Also loved the glitter on the cups and cake...I literally just read an article on "Ways to incorporate GLITTER into your wedding!!!" AHAHAHA!!! And of course the whole wedding party looks great!!! Oh I love all the different socks the groomsmen wore too!!!

  5. Mary! I fixed it, thank you. Yes, father in law. Yeah it was the prayer before we saw each other. Thanks, it was a blast. Lot of things I hadn't seen till the wedding myself.

    1. LOL Your welcome!!! I'm definatley NOT the grammar police, I know I have PLENTY of errors in my posts, buuuuuut, I figured that was something you'd want to fix!!! HAHA!!!

    2. It's no problem. We had good church with the Abbotts!

    3. oh NIIIIICE!!! That must have been right before WCC, they're back here now, not sure for how long tho!!!

  6. So adorable wedding party and the cake, it is awesome. I am craving on this cake. Well after watching these photos I have got some decent ideas for my own wedding reception party that will be held in the next month at some local Los Angeles event venues.