Thursday, September 25, 2014

Good Afternoon!

I hope you had a great summer and are eagerly anticipating the COLD weather! I know I am. If you live anywhere near L.A. keep in mind that this is the last weekend for the County Fair. I'm planning on going sometime this weekend. If I do, I promise to get some pics. 

So I was involved in this crazy pick up football game on Monday. I ended up getting hurt :( Guys typically exaggerate their injury's so I will spare you the details. lol So a GOOD friend of mine, suggested that I ,"Retire from all that" and go back to blogging. lol!! ;) . So here I am,

I look forward to posting frequently and of course pics, Have a great day! :) 



  1. Your back!!! And "good" friend? Tell us more! Lol

  2. ABOUT TIME!!!! Yeah, you should BLOG about your good friend!!! LOL Hahaha JK! Welcome BACK to BLOGGING!!!!