Monday, June 24, 2013

PCC 2013

Good Morning !!

  Back from a little vacation. I am blessed! I'm grateful for the privilege to have attended PCC this year. It was truly life changing. I have a better perspective, reconsecrated and dedicated to God. It was a truly a refreshing time in the holy ghost. Of course I met many new people but I got to catch up with old friends, even those older in age. Many of whom are an inspiration to me. The teaching by Bro. Brown was awesome. His message on christian music really stuck in my mind. You might think, how simple of a message but he dove into the topic of Contemporary Christian music..Music that doesn't mention doctrine, Godly living, or even mention the name of Jesus. This type of music has "Crossover Value". Music that could be categorized as non-christian. He reminded us all to leave that music, stick to the GOOD music. Music with some "Meat on it". haha We had many different night speakers. Elder Morton preached and challenged us all,  by having us ask ourselves the question. IF EVERYONE IN THE CHURCH WAS JUST LIKE ME, WHAT KIND OF CHURCH WOULD THIS CHURCH BE? Ouch! haha Make sure you get to hear the CD's. It was an amazing line up of preachers. You could feel the sense of urgency in all the messages. We really are living in the last days. Choir was awesome and very anointed. I didn't take a whole lot of pictures, more pictures are being sent to me this week from others. I won't make anyone wait tho..Here are a few for now.

Happy Birthday ERIC!!




Staff vs lady campers volleyball game

Elder Frazier 

Tom. Talli. May. and of course Princess Bella

Campers vs staff All Star basketball game!!

These are some great people! 

Dont fall asleep ...Rule number 1 in a guys dorm. 

Bro. Brown Teaching

Sergio asked the guy on the phone to hold while he took the picture. Some how still ended up with phone . haha

Chatting with Bro. Trevino and Bro. Marchbanks...Step this pics for you! haha


Lunch Lines

As hard as I tried, things got messy...

Team 1

Sierra and Eddy...Sportsmanship awards

Bro. Green

I received third place...sad, I know. haha


Pastor preaching the last night

"Building your own welcom e 


Lori, Steph, Christina, Josh

One really cool guy..JP

Ventura Beach

Sushi for Lunch

Soon to WED!!

Guess who was in my town? My good friend Josh and his fiance Jen. We did some miniature gulf and bumper karts..Dinner was fun too. Angel and Emmanuel were with us too.

The aftermath. lol 

Until next year people. lol! Keep on Keeping on!

Have a great day!



  1. Ah, I missed camp so much! Sounds like an awesome time!

  2. Sis it was awesome. You can still get the CDS!

  3. Glad to see someone FINALLY posted about PCC!!! I've been WAITING!!! :)

  4. Always sounds like fun! We were so sad to hear that our pastor was unable to preach!

  5. Mary,

    Lol yes, I do it for the people.


    Yeah I wanted to hear your pastor. We did have a fun time. Great church and friends..

    1. I'd like to make that AWESOME Church! LOL! ;-)

  6. I like the oicture of the half eaten turtle LOL!