Thursday, February 28, 2013


   This week my good friend Josh Mayes turns 26! Happy BDAY to him. This guy has always been a big brother to me. He and his family are some of the best people on earth. Make sure you wish him a happy bday! He doesn't like sushi, huge fan of Dr. Pepper and mastered the art of throwing an interception. I love going to his house and drinking all his water. This man taught me how to drive stick shift, how to lead by example. Josh also knows how to really contribute in pre-service prayer. Thanks for always inviting me to your house.....Creating rip tides in your make-shift swimming pool. Long girlfriend conversations, putting up with my sarcasm. Beating up Tom and Matt, etc. the list goes on...Hat's off to you good sir.
Josh getting MOSSED. lol

Happy Bday bro! have a good one and God bless!



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