Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Good Morning and GREAT week to you!


How is everyone doing? I'm going to start blogging more from my Phone..I find it convenient and for those of you that can't tell...I blog spontaneously and I am a bit random at times! Were currently in revival right now and we've had awesome CHURCH! This week is West Coast Conference of Fontana. Hope to see a lot of you on the last night!

What's new?

..I just recently started up on a very rigorous exercise routine...Which includes way too much cardio and not enough cookie incentives. The only thing is really lacks is cycling which I'm working on blending in...The warmer weather has been greatly appreciated!

...Party Planning...Bell's turns the big 1 soon, getting my debit card ready hahaha She is such a blessing :)

...Macbook...I'm looking for one and if your selling one, let me know! I almost settled for a Lanovo but I feel compelled to continue looking for a Mac. We shall see...lol

...STUDY, I have a few tests coming up, so I have to kick my studying into high gear.

....My brother just got back from NY, he was gone for about 12 days...Glad he's back!

....Work, I'm in over my head. Way too much going on. haha

...Just getting over my cold!

....Still single. hahaha jk

Expect to read more from me and I got to do some give a way's, so send me your ideas!

Have a great day and God bless



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