Thursday, January 5, 2012

A New Year :)

Good morning :)

Hope everyone had a great holiday break! Most of us have our new years resolutions. I say, good for you! Just STICK to it! Weather it's loosing some weight, running a marathon, or learning to ride a bike. lol


V.T. : Were in revival right now with Bro. Brown!

School: New semester coming up! Sign me up!

Work: It was a little slow but it really has picked up!

Family: We've enjoyed the time spent off from work and hanging together! :) March is coming up & Uncle duty awaits. lol ;)

Random: I went shopping at Downtown L.A. last week, I forgot how fun it can be! The people can be real interesting too! lol I was buying a bb gun for someone and asked a vendor for the price. She told me eight dollars..I said no thanks...(Knowing what was coming next) I walked away. She then yelled "It's yours for the right price". In my mind, I wanted to say. haha I win. lol

Random # 2 My brothers were selling candy for the music department. I took them to sell. I was kinda curious to see how much we would sell! Well we set up(Just stood there with a box of chocolates) lol and sold! Well we definitely exceeded expectations. Selling in just a 2 hours, over a hundred bars and over thirty sour worms! How did we do it you ask?! I give them the old puppy face, just to give you a pretty close image  of my gestures

     "Would you like to buy a chocolate bar?" & Just like that. LOL

Here it is 2012! Can you believe it? Start if off right and make it a year you never forget.

Live it for God.




  1. Haha Selling out here is the best! We have sold so much stuff lol
    Btw: Finally you updated!!!

  2. It really is, the best people in the world! lol

    & Yeah it has been a while!

    Happy New Years!

  3. Hahaha!!! I wanna see that baby face!! Bahahaha! Or was it your lil bros!? Now, don't take all the credit!!

  4. haha Of course it was my face! lol! My bro's were a big help! :)

    Happy New Years