Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Closing in on 2011.

Good Morning :)

  I wan't to start off by saying happy late bday to my friend Rishelle Abarca! :)

I will more than likely make my West Coast Post tomorrow, Lord willing! Some of you already know I cracked the screen on my Iphone. My alarm went off and the phone vibrated. Slide right off the edge of my desk and BAM! End of the story? Not really because it stilled worked fine. I was planning on just replacing the screen! Until! The day I returned from West Coast, I wen't shopping with my sister. I bought some glasses, my sister then reminded me I would probably have little use for them....seeing as it had been raining...DUH. As we got in the car and drove home. Out of habit I set my phone down towards the center consul...I thought nothing of it and I listened as the occasional text alert noise went off. Out of the corner of my eye (I was driving) I noticed my sister kept looking at my phone ( it was right where I left it). Then all of sudden she yelled, "ELIAS!!!" (little brother, oh no you didn't tone). I was like man someone epic just text me or something. She then said, "You set your phone in my cup" Her cup was full of "Fresh Guava Juice". My poor phone had just been there "chillen" in Guava Juice! sad to say but the that was the end of my Iphone :( So i'll get a little temporary phone today. It took a couple days so that explains my no-replies. lol Watch out for Fresh Guava Juice.

Anyways, so this is sure to be one Epic Week!

Why? Our church 30th Pastoral Anniversary Service this Sunday! Join us! :) How great is God's divine plan, I thank God for bringing my family and I to Victory Tabernacle! I like to think how even sweeter it is for those who have been in our church for 20 plus years..Maybe you feel a little old. haha jk ;)

Thanksgiving in San Diego!

  This year at my grandparents house! how sweet! I love food. lol

Call of Duty

   The midnight release was last night. I waited in line with my brothers for 3 hours! The line wrapped around the block! :0 We took turns going back and forth to my warm car for a break. It was break-relief. Lol My brothers were so excited and well I felt like a zombie this morning. 

Christmas Play

   It's coming up. I'm playing Joseph and Rachel Pacheco is playing Mary. It's gonna be so much fun! it's fun working with her and I hope it is a blessing to many.

That's all for now, have a good day & God bless!




  1. @ Dacia, It's really good!!


  2. Heeeey try puttin your phone in a bag of rice...it worked for my phone when I dropped it in the pool takin a pic of myself...LOL!

  3. Lol Thanks Mary! I'll let you know how it goes!