Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's starting to warm up!

Hello :)

  Hope everyone had a great Mothers day :), I know I did. I'm blessed with a wonderfull mom. Some of you might even know her. A few things, she is a very hard worker and has always inspired me to give it my all. Never quit (Hence, Resilience) Lol :) She is a hero of mine. It's amazing how much parents apprectiate the little things we could do to help. So when I can, I do. Throw in a load of laundry, mop, dishes. etc. It's good to give back. 


 Weather madness!

  As usual this Southern California weather has been far from predictable. We've had really hot days followed by temperature drop and rain fall! 0.o ??

  The Month is May...

  Seems to me like 75% of the human population was born in this month. I don't blame them, it's a great month, weathers usually warm and the bright :)

   What to plan for...

   Upcoming events like Pacific Coast Youth and Family Camp. Which I've always attended, is a 5 day camp, located at the Ventura Fair Grounds. Awesome powerful services, great annointed choir, and good fellowship. In addition to this I plan on taking a trip to El Salvador, which for me will be real special because I haven't been there since 1997! I look forward to seeing my relatives, and sight seeing. Oh and let's not forget the humdity, how I love it ;) I plan on taking a trip this year to one of three citites (narrowed it down). NY City( Last visit, 2000),  Chicago(Never been), Orlando (Last visit, Summer of 09'). Haven't made up my mind.  What do you think?

   Osama and Obama...

   I'm glad they found Osama, found it very interesting that he was in Pakistan. President Obama announced that he will run for second term and I'ts been reported that his apporval rate has increased.


 Swept? Sad but true.

    NFL draft...

    Cam newton went first overall, no suprise there. Reggie Bush might be leaving the Saints, interesting to find out where he lands...


    The clothing store, hats off to them! Seems like everytime I go in there I find something really nice for a rediculously low price :)   

Many more random thoughts and topics but I'll leave it there for now...Post a comment if you feel the same way about Ross. Lol

Have a good day :)






  1. Yup. Love Ross!
    I have no comment on all the sports stuff, as I don't even understand what all that means???
    And I say go to the place you've never been to! Although New York sounds really fun.... :D


  2. Lol Well, the sports stuff is the least important. So Chicago huh? That was my first pick, I have relatives in the other two places so it's easier to get around and see more but sometimes you gotta take a chance. Lol

  3. lakers got SWEPT! WAY AWESOME =) GO MAVRICKS! =)

  4. Lexie, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. hahaha :)